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My name is Lauren and I looove food.

Like really, really love food. Someday I might take some time to explore the very likely possibility that I have an unhealthy relationship with it… In the meantime, I hope to embark on this food blogging experiment.

When I started cooking, I tried to make ambitious recipes with lots of ingredients that were often rare or hard to find, because I love unique dishes. Paired with my compulsion to follow recipes to the T, my cooking experiences were stressful.

I was always out of time and making multiple trips to the store (which were also adding up to be more expensive).

But I realized that, unfortunately, I’m a broke recent college-grad usually cooking for one, and my humble abode doesn’t offer much counter space, a dishwasher or many handy appliances.

So I’m hoping to find a happy balance with food that is tasty but fast – somewhere between spaghetti and soufflé.

Because food should be fun, but also easy.

My Goals:

  • To get better, and faster, at cooking
  • To find/create simple but interesting food
  • To make shopping efficient!
  • To find solutions for a lacking kitchen
  • To learn to be more a more flexible and forgiving cook
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